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A deck is borrowed from a spectator. 
The deck is shuffled by the spectator. 
They select a card and commit it to memory. 
  A second spectator is thinking of any number between 1 and 52, the card is replaced and the deck is further mixed. 

Only after both spectators are satisfied with the random state of the deck are the freely chosen card and number named out loud (only if they want! This information can stay unknown to the performer the whole time).

 The performer does not touch the deck, and invites the second spectator to count down through the deck to the number she is thinking of. 

The first spectator turns over the card at that number to reveal the card she is thinking of. 

Spectator Shuffled Deck Deck can be Borrowed or Incomplete 
100% Impromptu 
No Stacks
No Gimmicks
No Memorization
No Forces
No Peeks 
No Indexes

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